11 April 2009

Relocating the snake

Elvis duck got swallowed by a snake as told before. Here is a video clip telling about relocation of the snake.

At the same time when the snake was swallowing Elvis, inside the house the Misu cat cracked the toilet bowl. He dropped a glass bottle off the windowsill onto the toilet bowl. We didn't see the event but likely he was chasing a gecko. Or is there a bigger cosmic connection between those two events? Misu and Elvis came to us around the same time in 2004. I think there was only a day or two between their arrivals.

Oh, and the bunny picture on the left. It was taken in the Bunnings warehouse, where we went to buy a new toilet bowl.

On the video below I am explaining the events related to Elvis death in Finnish, but the pictures should tell it all anyway, so don't worry if you can't understand.

Just in case you are interested, here are some other video clips that I have uploaded to my google video account recently. In many of them there is Finnish narration as well.

Woodstock 2004. Mostly in Finnish. We had just moved to Woodstock in the beginning of 2004.

Timo in Singapore jungle in 2002

Timo walking in Singapore from Kenbangan to Paya Lebar in June 2002 while Nancy was travelling with her mom.

Townsville June 2003

Again me talking to my mother in August 2003. She got a VCD disk at least once in 2 months.

Our Wedding party in Finland with my family in September 2002. It was a very small, unofficial, not very traditional party attached to the local ROM.

and some more wedding stuff

Our cats in Townsville 2003

Birthday party of a Finnish lady in Townsville March 2004. She was living 2 more years after this and then was taken by a rapidly progressing cancer.

Our first Christmas in Sydney Australia 2002

Again remembering Woodstock where we were living in 2004

and again

Again our animals in Woodstck

Me in Singapore February 2002, just arrived and showing my apartment in Kenbangan, Astoria park condo.

Morning walk on Machans Beach, Cairns, Australia in June 2005

09 April 2009

Elvis is dead - Good bye Elvis duck!

Today evening we went to yoga early without locking in the chicken and ducks. When we came back, we saw our Elvis duck being attacked by a python snake. He was dead already at the time so we let the snake have him so that after it has eaten Elvis, we could catch and relocate it. So, here he is, on the way to the snake's stomack. Just his orange legs sticking out.

The nature is so cruel.

We got Elvis in 2004. He was found in our friend's suburb in Townsville. We took him to Woodstock and from there with us to Cairns. Remember how he used to play with Bluey.

And here's the video on relocation of the snake

And here are memories from the duck family. In the beginning Mavis hatched little ducklings. The father Elvis can be seen on the video too, and he can be heard all the time.