12 March 2009

First Quarter of 2009

Bluey got shaved in the end of 2008. We did it because she seems to be getting very hot during the vet season.

Misu has been playing with a little rubber snake. At first he was very afraid of it but later learnt to play with it. The other cats don't have that strong instict to avoid snakes.

We got visitors after Christmas. Did some rainforest walking in the national park nearby.

Barron Gorge National Park, Barron Falls. It is so beautiful here.

Also visited Pourt Douglas. Rains started in December and continued through January and February. March also hasn't been that dry yet.

Port Douglas is a town full of tourists.

It's mango season here in December-February.


Timo had them even with Swedish ginger biscuits and Tofutti soy cream cheese.

But best ones are dried mangoes. Our food dehydrator was running constantly in January.

Local city wildlife, a scrub turkey.

Bush walking in the city. Blue arrow and red arrow walks are walking track on the hills made for citizens to keep fit.

We harvested some bananas.

Nancy saw Ajahn Brahmavamso in Singapore.

When it's raining, Bluey dog can be inside the house.

But the ducks enjoy sitting outside.

A cyclone brought us heavy rains in January (2009).

We wanted to get a new fridge.

And we got a Mitsubishi that has a separate vegetable compartment.

Since December we have had a dengue fever outbreak in Cains.

In january we visited Innot hot springs and were swimming in rich mineral water that came out from the volcanic soil.

When it's raining the clay is soft to dig, and red water keeps running from the property to the street.

Timo wanted to try what it would be a student in Australia.

And brought new technology to the classroom.

In March another cyclone went past us. It brought some rain but nothing else.

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