13 February 2008

Australia said sorry & other video

Been a lazy blogger. Most of the online "leisure" time I have spent in social utilities like facebook and especially the Russian equivalent (much better, acutally) vkontakte.ru. To say something I post links to some videos made by myself and one that touched me a lot.

The latter one. The new Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd delivers apology to the aboriginal people. This is a moment that I am really happy and even proud to be a citizen of this country. I like the new government and its' policy. And I like the way the new prime minister speaks. The previous one I didn't like even to listen to ...

The video is from Google. I haven't made nor uploaded it. I even wasn't nearby Camberra when it happened.

And then a video from our morning walk with the dogs.

Looks like countryside but it is nearby, just 5 minutes drive from home.

And then a few videos that I took on February 2nd in Cairns centre where there was a Chinese New Year Celebration. Nancy didn't go to Singapore so we spent the CNY together in Cairns. We even had a dinner in a Chinese restaurant, not on the New Years eve but 3 days after it. We didn't book in advance so no room in the restaurant for the first few days after the Day Itself.

For Singaporeans and other people from big Chinese communities this might look funny and so humble. But keep in mind that there are less Chinese in Cairns than there are in an averabe SG HDB flat so the Chinese community is very small here. And many of the performers are 2nd or 3rd generation Chinese, or even pure Ang Mo's that are just interested in Chinese culture.

So instead of judging we just should say thank you to those people for arranging the program for us. The carnival is growing year after year and drawing much attention to Chinese culture in Cairns.

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