03 November 2007

New Australian citizen

August 31st I officially became an australian citizen. For that I needed to attend a ceremony and publicly read the citizenship pledge. They gave us a tree to plant and a small Australian flag (made in Taiwan).

Here is a link to my Google video of the event

I wanted to become a citizen because I have the feeling that I am going to stay in Australia permanently, or at least long time. Also I wanted to officially finalize the migration process. Yes, and I do want to vote. I knew there is a parliamentary election to become soon. I have got some political opinions, I know what this country needs, so I just don't stand aside and whinge but will do miny tiny part and have a say on what's happening.

Before the citizenship ceremony I needed to attend an interview (and pay, of course). That was in July in the local Immigration Department office. That wasn't too difficult, a bit exciting though.

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