01 January 2000

Family of Timo's mother

Timos Mother as a teen

This is Timo's mother as a teen with her best friend. The photo was taken somewhere in 1950's.

Old Farmhouse of the family This is picture of the farmhouse that belonged to Timo's maternal greatgrandfather Henrik Sippala. The same family has owned these lands at least from the end of 1700's.

Old farmhouse Details of the house.

Details of old house

Old church of Saloinen

Church of Saloinen parish The parish of Timo's mother's family is called Saloinen, formerly Salo. Later it was joined to the town Raahe in Northern Finland. This is the Lutheran church of Saloinen. Attached to the church there's a graveyard, last resting place of many Sippala's.

Visitor from America
A photo from may be 1940's. Somebody from America visits the farm. Notice the old T-Ford car. It belonged to Timo's grandfather Erkki Johannes Sippala.

Timo's great grandparents Henrik Sippala and Hilma nee Kerola. Photo taken may be in 1940's in Saloinen Finland.

Collecting hay

Family portrait A family portrait from 1940's. On the up right Timos grandparents and Timo's mother in front of them. Timo's aunt as a baby sitting on her grandmother's lap.

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