30 March 2007

2007: making our own house

March is the first month of Autumn. It is still quite hot and rainy. In March there even might be cyclones like the year 2006's Tropical Cyclone Larry that hit us on 20th March. Also in the end of April 2006 we felt a cyclone, though only as flooding of our Barron river.

Our kitchen 3/2007

We got fed up with waiting for the cabinet maker to start his work. He had promised to do the job already in September. Then he came in December and promised to do it before Chinese New Year. Well, he never turned up and never called. So we decided to find another solution. In the local storage shop we found metal shelves that are easy to install but firm. So, we bought them and installed to replace kitchen cabinets. Not so beautiful but practical, indeed. When looking for something you can easily browse the shelves from down, from the sides. Since we are too people using the kitchen all the time there is the problem with finding things. We never had the same stable kitchen for a long time so our things never had found their places but we just put them ... somewhere. Timo according to his likings and Nancy according to hers. As a result non of us can't find some things sometimes.

Family 3/2007

Our boys Misu and Spartacus seeking Nancy's attention in the morning of March 30th. They have been fed already so this is pure attention seeking. Both of them know how to make a pathetic meoooow to melt your heart.

Misu has lost a bit weight recently and he has some bite marks on his sides. They are old marks, maybe from February. Now fur is going off around them so they are more visible. Though we saw those marks earlier. Must have been a dog has attacked him and bitten around his belly. He is not careful enough with dogs. He crew up with Bluey and is not afraid of our dogs. He still keeps following Timo and the dogs for their morning walk. He sleeps somewhere in the house. Then after 4 a.m. when the man and the dogs go he jumps up and follows them. Sometimes he follows them all the way to the nearby park and little man-made lake but mostly he just stays in nearby yards and waits for them to come back. When they come he jumps in front of them and starts rolling on the ground making those pathetic meows. Timo needs to kneel down and pat him. After that Misu wants to walk with them to home those 10 to 30 metres. Then he'll be happy and stays outside our gate when the others go in.

Give me some attention!

When Nancy came back from her annual Singapore trip after the Chinese New Year, Timo was rewarded with a camera phone. It means that when we go shopping he's playing with his phone. Here are some results.

Every time we go shopping Timo is playing with his new camera phone (Nokia 6233). On the left you can see a pet shop displaying cats and dogs. On the right a supermarket checkout.

Our 3 ducks

These are our ducks. On the left is the newcomer Trudi (Gertrud). Her we adopted from a house in Woodstock in January when we were visiting our friend family (former landlords of ours). Then there is Mavis. Her we had bought in Woodstock in the year 2004. Then Elvis. Him we found in friends' place in Saunders beach Townsville. The girls are Muscovy ducks and Elvis is a Khaki Campbell.

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